BEEZER 1st Edition
BEEZER 1st Edition
BEEZER 1st Edition
BEEZER 1st Edition
BEEZER 1st Edition
BEEZER 1st Edition
BEEZER 1st Edition
BEEZER 1st Edition
BEEZER 1st Edition
BEEZER 1st Edition

BEEZER 1st Edition

The fastest air-based bottle cooler in the world. Cold drinks in minutes, without the need for cumbersome tools. Designed in Germany. Made in Europe.

The BEEZER cools... Your beverage can in 3 minutes, your beer bottle in 4 minutes, and your wine bottle in 6 minutes.


  • Power: ~250 Watt (230 Volt)
  • Width: 25 cm
  • Height: 40 cm
  • Depth: 45 cm
  • Weight: 20 kg

The BEEZER is the revolution among bottle coolers. With its innovative cooling technology, it brings bottles or cans to the ideal drinking temperature within a few minutes. The bottle does not come into contact with water, ice or other aids and is thus cooled dry and clean.

Thanks to its high-quality finish and stylish modern design, it is also a visual highlight and guaranteed topic of conversation in the kitchen or living area.

*May deviate slightly in the series product. Based on functional samples close to series production.

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For the market launch of the BEEZER, we are organizing a pre-sale. With your pre-order you help us to bring the BEEZER even faster to the market. In return you save 100€. Being quick is also worth it, because we give priority to the first orders.

The presale starts on 01.09.2022 and ends as soon as our pre-order quota is exhausted.

We plan to start delivery in February 2024 If there are any delays due to the current delivery situation, we will of course inform you immediately. We process the orders according to the date of receipt.

We also offer you a 100% money back guarantee while you wait for your BEEZER. After that, you can use a 14-day right of withdrawal as usual after receiving the BEEZER.

The technology of the BEEZER relies on a recirculation system in which, in combination with the compressor circuit used, we achieve air temperatures of below -30 °C.

After the pre-cooling phase of approx. 10 minutes, the appliance is ready for use and the first bottle can be cooled. As soon as the bottle has been placed in the cooling chamber and the door has been closed, the cooling process begins.

Extremely cold air flows around the bottle at high speed and thus removes the thermal energy contained in the bottle and the liquid. In order to cool the liquid inside the bottle homogeneously and to additionally increase the cooling speed, the bottle is rotated around its longitudinal axis during the cooling process.

Unlike other devices that also serve to cool individual bottles, the BEEZER does not require any additional aids such as water or ice cubes, which enables a clean, dry and, above all, repeatable cooling process.

Free shipping for all orders within Germany.

100% money back guarantee while you wait for your BEEZER.

Financing available for 6 or more months upon request.

10 x faster than your freezer

No more long waiting times! With the BEEZER, you can enjoy perfectly chilled drinks within minutes.

From room temperature to less than 9 °C in...

BEEZER or wine refrigerator?

The BEEZER not only saves you some space, but also increases your variety of cold drinks. In addition, you can save a lot of electricity with our "on-demand" cooling.

Buy BEEZER now and plant a tree
Designed in Germany, Made in Europe

Sustainability and quality are real values for us. Durability and repairability were at the forefront of the development.

How to use the BEEZER

01 Pre-cooling

Like your oven, the BEEZER needs a one-time pre-cooling of about 8 minutes after switching on.

02 Insert bottle

The bottle or can is placed in the cooling chamber of the BEEZER by opening the door.

03 Configure

Rotation, desired cooling level and size of the bottle are selected via the buttons.

04 Start

The BEEZER starts cooling at the touch of a button. After 3-6 minutes, your drink has reached the optimal drinking temperature.

Questions & Answers about the BEEZER

The BEEZER cools between 2 and 4 degrees per minute depending on the size and nature of the bottle. The number of minutes can either be selected via predefined programs or controlled individually.

No, like your oven, the BEEZER needs a one-off pre-cooling period of approx. 10 minutes after being switched on in order to achieve optimum cooling results. After this pre-cooling period, however, you can use the BEEZER without interruption.

No, if you do not chill the bottle several times in a row in the BEEZER, it cannot burst.

No. Drinks foam when they are opened, especially if there has previously been an input of energy, such as shaking the bottle. The rotation we use in the BEEZER does away with this and ensures that the carbon dioxide remains dissolved in the liquid. By cooling the drinks with the BEEZER, you even improve the solubility of carbonic acid, as this is higher in cold liquids than in warm ones.

Basically, all bottles with a maximum height of 370 mm and a maximum diameter of 100 mm fit into the BEEZER. This means that although two wine bottles cannot be placed in the BEEZER together, two cans can.

The BEEZER has a power consumption of about 250 watts during the cooling process, in standby the power consumption is significantly reduced and when the device is switched off, hardly any power is consumed. The optimal insulation of the cooling chamber keeps energy consumption as low as possible.

The BEEZER 1st Edition is available in black and white.

Rapid Air Technology

01 Recirculation system

The air guide with two radial blowers ensures a constant flow of air to the bottle.

02 Bottle rotation

The two shafts inside the cooling chamber rotate the bottle during the cooling process.

03 Refrigeration circuit

The heart of the system is the so-called compressor, which is also used in refrigerators.

04 Insulation

Sufficient insulation of the cooling chamber ensures energy-efficient operation even in standby.



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