The story behind
BEEZER Technologies

At the age of 14, Moritz, one of the two founders, worked for the first time at his parents' company ritterwerk, a traditional Bavarian company, in the production of household appliances. After graduating from high school, he studied management and innovation in Paris and Munich. In a Parisian wine shop he is confronted for the first time with the problem of unrefrigerated bottles. The favourite wine is not chilled, an hour's wait follows. Back in Munich, he develops the idea for the BEEZER - the fastest bottle cooler in the world - at the end of 2019 in the course of his studies.

It quickly becomes clear that an engineer is needed for the technical implementation of this product. Max, a chemical engineer from the Technical University of Munich, whom he already knows from his school days, becomes part of the team. At the beginning of 2021, the two found BEEZER Technologies GmbH and apply for a patent for the developed technology.

The company quickly grows to include several colleagues, and by the end of 2021 the near-series prototype is already being tested in detail. During a traditional Bavarian Weißwurst breakfast, the entire team is supplied with cold drinks from the prototype. In the following weeks, the first tests with end customers will follow. Driven by the vision of providing a unique drinking experience, several engineers are now developing the BEEZER to market maturity with German precision, fuelling innovation in an otherwise often sluggish industry.

Buy BEEZER and plant tree

At BEEZER Technologies, we are on a mission to fight climate change by planting a tree for every BEEZER sold, together with our official climate partner GROW MY TREE. We believe that companies are important players in the fight against climate change and can contribute greatly to a more sustainable future. That's why we want to take responsibility and reduce our CO2 emissions together with GROW MY TREE. Our goal is to create environmental awareness and invest together to save our planet.

Together with our partner GROW MY TREE, we plant one tree in the global south for every BEEZER sold.

Our partner GROW MY TREE works with local operators in countries of the Global South to plant trees where the environmental, social and economic leverage is greatest - with all plantings being fair, sustainable and certified.

Each tree can absorb ~22kg of CO2 per year. Year after year, to fight climate change. We want to motivate our customers to neutralize their CO2 emissions by planting trees.

Please contact us via the contact form and we will send you your personal certificate.

The founding team introduces itself

Max Huber

Max is co-founder and responsible for development at BEEZER Technologies. He holds his Bachelor & Master in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich. He has been part of Vision-BEEZER since 2020 and now leads a team of several engineers.

Moritz Schüller

Moritz is co-founder and managing director of BEEZER Technologies. With his management studies at the TU Munich and HEC Paris, he is responsible for the business side of the company. He had the idea for BEEZER in a wine bar in Paris in 2019.

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